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    My career has included a focus on working with children and families and an emphasis on teenagers. Although I have worked with clients of various ages, I am comfortable working with families and I believe that when treating children and teens, family involvement is key to lasting change. I also understand that parents often need support themselves in managing the issues that arise during parenting. I am well versed in the developmental stages of childhood and adolescence which aids me in working with young people and their parents. I taught several parenting classes in different communities over the years and use the ACT Against Violence Program from American Psychological Association. Working with both children/teens and their parents provides the most robust treatment because families function best when parents and children work towards common goals.

    I also work with clients of various other ages and for whom different developmental stages are causing problems. I use a practical approach that is created for each client individually dependent on the specific challenges they face.

    Although I do use some traditional approaches to help identify the roots of problems, I tend to focus more on self-understanding, managing personal emotions and life challenges, and cognitive behavioral techniques along with meditation and dream work to expand personal insight and to develop individual goals for the future. I emphasize the therapeutic relationship as a tool to work with people on issues they are struggling with. My interests cover a wide range of options and allow me to work with many different ages and address various life concerns.