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  • Feeling different than you used to?

    Do you notice Cognitive slippage in yourself or someone you love?

    Is your thinking less clear than it once was?

    Having trouble sleeping or sleeping all the time?

    Or, perhaps you have a child whose behavior is challenging or unpredictable?

    Is your child difficult to manage or even out of control?

    Having trouble with school?

    Are you feeling overwhelmed and uncertain of what to do next?

    These can all be signs of unstable brain patterns that need attention!

    Sierra Foothills Brain Connections has solutions. Using both evidence-based psychotherapy and neurofeedback, we can often treat even the most difficult problems.

    Come with me, take the lead. Together we’ll find solutions.

    Going stir-crazy?

    Too much unexpected family time in the midst of an international crisis
    can send us all over the edge.

    Uncertainty is the New-Normal, at least for now. Whether your concerns are family relationships, money worries, or a sense of isolation, there are tools to help manage these issues. I will help you find them.

    About Margaret V. Austin, Ph.D.

    There are many reasons people seek counseling, but one of the key reasons involves our relationships, especially with our family. Children depend on their parents to find solutions when something is wrong. Kids often aren’t even aware of problems because their life now is the only way it has ever been. But, adults know when there are problems, even though they are sometimes hard to face. They remember times when life ran more smoothly and a good day was easier to come by.

     If you are looking for ways to calm life down so you can enjoy it more, you have come to the right place!