Margaret V. Austin Ph.D.
 Phone: (530) 388-8707
 433 Coyote Street,
 Nevada City, CA

I am a clinical psychologist with a master’s degree in psychology from Tennessee State University, as well as a master’s degree and a doctorate in clinical psychology from California School of Professional Psychology. My varied career includes a focus on children, families, cultural issues, healthy lifestyles, and neurofeedback.

My early career focused on providing direct clinical services regarding a variety of issues to children and their families. I quickly developed an interest in teaching others and began supervising clinical staff and graduate students regarding their therapeutic work with children and families. I was a Program Leader at a residential treatment center for children and teens in Denver. I then became the Director of Behavioral Health at an Indian Health Clinic in Montana. During my tenure, I worked closely with the adjunct hospital staff regarding various children’s health issues, including significant work with eating disordered clients. I coordinated the Child Abuse Protection Team at the reservation, but my primary focus was on developing a Children’s Mental Health Program for the reservation. I designed and successfully implemented this program during my years at the Reservation. The Children’s Mental Health Department had earned continued funding prior to my departure so the funding was available to maintain the new program and to pursue additional mental health services for Indian children on the reservation.

I moved on to take the position of Assistant Director of Behavioral Health in a rural California county. In this role, I was responsible for supervising the clinical work of numerous mental health professionals and designed several programs with the goal of providing more effective clinical services to the county population, many of whom were children. I was also the coordinator of the Special Multi-Agency Resource Team whose task was to identify children at risk of out-of-home placement and design a package of treatment services to improve the child’s ability to remain in the community.

Next, I founded a business with my husband the focus of which was to develop software products for the mental health community. We developed both a Mental Health Practice Management System and a Treatment Plan Software program that included robust Outcome Tracking and Psychological Assessment Report Writing modules. Although the orientation of OMS has gradually shifted away from the narrow focus on the mental health community, the focus on technology and its use as a tool to aid people in their daily lives has remained.

I soon became a homeschool parent and was actively involved in that community, devoting much of my efforts to this powerful experience. I remained active in psychology by teaching graduate and undergraduate psychology students in both a classroom and an online format. I taught classes related to family violence, but also focused on Statistics and Experimental Psychology. I expanded my academic activities to include teaching Introductory Psychology at a local community college. These classes allowed me to remain active in the field while interacting with a variety of young people and helping educate them on their path to a career in psychology.

More recently, I became interested in neurotherapy and began the certification process to add this extremely helpful technique to my clinical work. I worked for two years with a neurotherapy clinic in Walnut Creek to gain experience and skill in conducting neurotherapy. As I am nearing the end of this intensive certification process, I opened two offices in the Nevada County area: one in Nevada City and one in Penn Valley. At these locations, I currently provide both psychotherapy and neurofeedback services to individuals of various ages. After three years of preparation, I am thrilled to add neurotherapy to the services I provide.

In addition, the focus of my professional writing centers on mental health issues for the homeschool community and the general public. I coauthored a print book, wrote an e-book about ADHD, and published several articles including one on the value of art in the homeschool curriculum. My areas of interest are Violence Prevention, the Impact of Media on Child and Youth Development, Attention Deficit Disorder, and more recently, the promise of neurotherapy.

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